Natural Holds for Styling

Defining HOLD Molding Paste 

NATULIQUE Defining Hold Molding Paste is an extraordinary hair thickening paste that offers incredible pliability, exceptional texture and a modern, matte finish. Perfect for short and medium length hair NATULIQUE Defining Hold Molding Paste with organic Oat Kernel Extract and White Tea Leaf Extract is specially developed to add body to the hair while thickening the individual hair strands for a fuller, healthier look.


Instructions for use: Apply an appropriate amount to damp or dry hair. Massage gently into the hair and style.


Bad hair days are not for MEN

NATULIQUE molding paste adds thickness and density to the hair and works great with fine hair, giving more control without an overly styled look. It is perfect for curly and frizzy hair, but don’t rule out the product if that does not apply to you. It is, after all, also excellent at keeping all
types of hair manageable and fully under control.


Excellent for men with thinning hair who do not want to apply too much product to the hair.


With Certified Organic and Nautral Ingredients:

White tea leaf extract which is rich in antioxidants and caffeine, helps stimulate the hair follicles andencourages growth.  White Tea is also a great source of Panthenol and unique Amino Acidsthat strengthen the hair and hair shafts while helping to prevent split ends.


Oat Kernel Extract is extraordinarily rich in biologically active components such as Tocopherols,Phytosterols, Phospholipids and Essential Fatty Acids including Omega-6 and Omega-9.Lovely and rich, Oat Kernel Oil Extract is exceedingly soothing and moisturizing to promoteand ensure optimal conditioning and manageability, while leavingthe hair feeling silky soft and with a healthy and natural look.

Defining HOLD Molding Paste 100ml [JSJ]

SKU: NQ-ST-MoldPaste100
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    1. Apply an appropriate amount to damp or dry hair.
    2. Massage gently into the hair and style.

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